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Brain Profile Testing

You can’t improve what you can’t measure.

Do you want to discover your amazing neurological design?

Do you want to optimize your brain performance?

Would you like to reduce your risk for error?

Do you want to increase the ease, speed and flexibility with which you learn, think and process information?

Adele Bronkhorst being a Brain profiling Practitioner qualified through Neurolink.

Neuro-link’s purpose is to develop people. You cannot improve what you cannot measure. Our cutting edge, neuro-agility assessments measure the ease, speed and flexibility with which people think, learn and process information and offers suggestions and solutions to improve their performance.  All people have potential, but different kinds of potential, depending on their neurological design. Much as the acorn holds the potential for becoming a majestic oak tree, we believe every human being’s unique potential dictates that they can become a giant in their own respect. The point of departure for discovering the giant within starts with accurately identifying and understanding your unique neurological design that determines your unique learning potential.

Your agility to relearn, unlearn, multi-skill and think fast and easy and have the mental flexibility to adapt and adjust to disruptive change fast, will be one of the most sustainable ingredients needed in the future, to not only survive, but also thrive.

Brain profile is the user friendly name for Neuro-Link’s Neuro-Agility Profile™, abbreviated as the NAP™, which is a brain analysis report illustrating various neurophysiological components of your neuro-design  and drivers that optimize your brain performance. This multi-dimensional neuroscience assessment is the foundation of our work as we develop people, but believe: “You can’t improve what you can’t measure.”

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The NAP™ was developed by Dr. André Vermeulen, founder, owner and CEO of Neuro-Link. It is a continuous work in progress that started in 1995 and has evolved as business needs has evolved. As Neuro-Link specializes in the neuroscience of workplace learning, the NAP™ was born and is grounded in applied neuroscience, and is not just another instrument with a neuroscience flavor added to it. It is a predictive analysis of people’s neuro-agility that serves as a framework for professionals in talent development and performance improvement to identify potential, develop talent, improve engagement, promote brain health, minimize risk for human error and improve workplace happiness.