Because Parenting is not easy

Dear Parents,

I’m sure some days you wonder how you survived.  Guess what we all do.  Parenting is one of the most rewarding things we can do, but also the most challenging time.  Times have changed so much. Today our five your olds need to be able to re-call colours, count to ten.  Understand above, below, behind.  All these things drain us as parent.

Which program is the right program, what school is the right school, what sport should he/she play.  How many sports should they play?  Everyday there are new things coming and going.

Well; I wish I can say it will get easier, unfortunately it just carries on and new challenges become the day. Most of the time there is new problems, new challenges with new goals.  But you don’t have to do it alone. You have to learn to let go, and let live.

Yes, you have to allow them to make mistakes; you have to allow them to become their own little child.  Just align yourself with people that will walk this journey with you,  the Eduvision group.  My name Adéle Bronkhorst I’m 45 years old (2019), first a wife – My husband is Lourens, then a mom I have two children one has finished a B.COM Accounting degree and the other is still busy with school (one boy and one girl), then a business owner (owner of the Latim Group, owner of the Eduvision Group) and my passion;   Educational coach. I care about parents.  I care about what makes you happy, I care about what makes you sad.  I care about children.  Wish I could take each one of my students and protect them from life.  My heart breaks with yours.  My heart rejoices with yours.  I’m your best friend when you need one.  I believe my calling has always been to be a friend to all.  Understand what makes you hurt and find help for you.  Why do I think we are the best people to align your child with?

We have the best educational platforms known in South Africa.

We focus on Educational devices.

We focus on Repairs for all these devices.

We focus on Educational learning courses.

We focus on Educational Brain profile testing.

We focus on Educational products.

Our Educational Device:

The Maths and Science laptop for Teachers/Parents/learners.

Educational Learning Courses. We have a study course for groups of 10 people and more, with known results.

Brain Profiling tests – know how you are smart.

Educational products – CD, Workbooks and more.

Repair Centre – We have a repair centre for all Laptops, desktops, tablets and phones.

We hope you will align yourself with the winning Team MOM or DAD.  Work with people that know how to get results.  Let us help you help your child.



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