The most rewarding work ever

Become A Tutor and/or Concessions Facilitator

We are looking for devoted, loyal, committed, and passionate individuals TO JOIN OUR TEAM AS A TUTOR!

Did you excelled academically, use to teach, currently studying or have completed tertiary studies?  Come and join our team of tutors.

Eduvision is the WINNING TEAM!

What would you need?

  1. Tertiary qualification.
  2. Your own car – all lessons take place at the learners’ homes.
  3. Love for children, and understanding how lessons, and tutoring work.
  4. Love for excellence.
  5. Punctuality
  6. Good grammar, and written language as well as a love for reading.

If you tick these boxes, you are what we are looking for. 

Key points:


Eduvision’s Tutors, Concession Facilitators or Education facilitators have to be aware of their behaviour at all times.  Professionalism is something that you are within.  How you conduct yourself how you see yourself as a person.  These qualities need to stand out while you conduct yourself with our clients.  Our clients expect excellence because we pride ourselves in just that.

Problem solver

You need to find solutions on how to solve problems and conduct them in such a way that the client feels and can see that you understand what the needs are.  Each tutor has a dedicated Education Facilitator assigned to you, to ensure the level of lessons, and planning is done correctly. You find the problem, and we assist you to become the “problem solver”.

Kind and caring.

Being a tutor is a calling, not a job.  Teaching is something you need to love, and once you love teaching, you will by nature be a person that love being kind and know how to care.  We believe that Empathy is the only way to be successful in a tutor position. You need to get involved, you need to feel the achievement, and disappointments the learner and the parents go through. 


Positive Tutors are the corner stone of our business.  Enthusiasm is so important; you need to have the “excellence” mentality.  You need to see each project as an A+ project.  You need to learn with the learner, achieve with the learner, allow the learner to become part of who you are, by being enthusiastic about what you do. 

Confidence and Knowledgeable.

Confidence comes from believing in yourself.  We have weekly workshops to assist you in becoming the best you.  We spend time on our knowledge-base to ensure you are prepared.  We do not just add previous papers, we assist you on how to prepare lessons, where to find resources.  Remember as a tutor, you are seen as that child’s “life-line”.  I’m sure in these times, we do not have to explain why tutoring, knowledge and confidence is important.

Last but the most important of all…..

Time management

This is the most important part of our tutors, being punctual and managing their time, together with their own studies, exams, social and tutoring responsibilities.  You need to know that the first thing a client will look at is your time management.  You need to have time to plan your lessons, conduct lessons, give feedback, setup homework, tests and so more. 


We pay the best out there. We believe that we reward quality.  We do not just have a “one drive” with useless content on.  We help you, stand by you, assist you, and then pay you more than any other tutor company out there.  Why?  Because we value you, we would like you to feel like you are compensated for your time, and effort.  People that feel valued, and are paid well, give more. Making “ends meat” is not our way of conducting business. We believe that our facilitators, tutors, and each person in our team should feel valued. 

Becoming a tutor is has a few steps, we conduct an online interview with you, we verify your qualifications, we need you to have a police clearance certificate, and then only do we allow business to start.  We have a short assessment that we require of you, to conduct online.