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Becoming a Tutor with EduVision

Being a Tutor you will embrace and welcome the achievement waiting for you.  We enjoy seeing happy Tutors, and Students.  Being part of our Company is more than just a contractor you offer services to our clients.  Our Tutors start with a few clients, then become Facilitators, and learn how to administer Accommodation and Concession.  We believe learning is a process of evolving, never ending.

Do you know what it takes to become a Tutor?  Our tutors are unique individuals who are selected carefully.  Once you make contact with us, we immediately aim for the deep end and ask for a video of a lesson.  This shows us you are not scared to put yourself out there.

We have tutors from a variety backgrounds.  Some has just finished matric, and busy with their post-graduate education, some are still in school and finishing their tertiary education.  Some are teachers, some have degrees in the subjects that need to be taught. Where and whatever the reason for you to end up here with us, you going to love it.

How to approach tutoring? People contact us for a tutor, due to a specific problem.  We understand that not all problems are seen on the immediate surface.  We have a full process that needs to be followed to ensure that the client understand, and all tutors understand.

We believe in the 4 P’s of Tutoring. Punctual – happening or doing something at the agreed or proper time.  Professionalbeing reliable, setting your own high standards, and showing that you care about every aspect of your job. Prepared – To make ready, usually for a specific purpose; make suitable; fit; adapt; train. Passion – the intense enthusiasm and excitement for what you do.



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What Will You Learn?

  • You will learn what is expected from a tutor.
  • You will learn what to expect from the admin team.
  • You will learn how to communicate with us.
  • You will learn how lesson packages work.
  • You will learn how lesson cancellations work.
  • You will learn how you will get paid.
  • You will learn how to do a learners needs analysis form.
  • You will learn what to ask to get a NAP™ (NEURO-AGILITY PROFILE™) test done.
  • You will learn how to complete your Log-sheet
  • You will learn how to plan your lessons
  • You will learn how to submit a progress report.
  • You will learn our Tutor Policies.

Course Content

EduVision Tutor Training Course 2022
What will we expect from you? What can you expect from the admin team? How do you communicate with us? How does the lessons and packages work? How do you get paid? How do you do a learners analysis form? What is NAP tests and why? How to complete my Log-sheets How do I plan a lesson? How do I submit a progress report? What is the Tutor Policies?

  • What is a Tutor?
  • What is a Tutor?

What should the Tutor expect from the admin team?
The Admin Team will supply you with all the documents you need, your log-sheet, your learners Needs Analysis form. You need to send your first log-sheet to your Admin to read what your lesson was about, so that we can contact the client for feedback. You will complete the tutor learner sheet that will confirm you and your student are a fit. You can ask for more material on your subjects, or assistance on lessons and tests. These will be supplied to you, what we have. Please note the Admin team will only work from 9am to 2pm and all information can be WhatsApp to them if need be. Documents you need to submit to your Admin team would be your log-sheet, as your payments will be paid on completed log-sheets only. You can contact us at any time if you have concerns, feedback or compliments. We will assist you as best we can to ensure you are satisfied, and the standards are met. Please do allow for 24 hours on questions that are not urgent. Admin team will send you a spreadsheet with your worked hours weekly by the last day of the month for you to confirm. If you do not confirm this within 24 hours you payment might be delayed. Payments are done before the 15th of each month for the month worked before. Rates are always the same, unless other rates are specified.

Ways to Communicate
Please note there are many ways to communicate with us and the parents. How do you Communicate with the Parents. Your fist introduction would be via a call, to setup a date and time. You can then setup an instant messaging platform, to ensure you keep up to date with the parents. You should not phone, whatsapp, or email clients after hours. You should not phone you client on weekends, you can send a message if you have to tutor on a Monday to confirm. If your tutor session is on a Saturday, you may contact the client day before to confirm. How to communicate with Eduvision You can whatsapp us. You can phone us. You can email us. You can telegram us. If you have an urgent matter, how do you let us know? The best is to whatsapp, as most of the Admin's are always on whatsapp, even if we in sessions, we can have a look when a whatsapp come through.

How your lessons work for the client.
Clients are allowed to share their lessons between siblings and more than one subject, however the recommended lesson length and frequency of lessons should stay the same. Learners work well with a balanced and routine approach to tutoring. Your lesson duration is purchased per hours. You can halve and split them if you need 1.5 hours not 2 hours, and then have 0.5 hours left for another 1.5 hour if needed. We do try and accommodate times, hours, lessons and so more to make it easier for parents to change if need be. Our Tutor needs to be committed we do need a minimum of 1 lesson per week. We ask our clients to purchase 10 hours, they would need to use them within 10 weeks. If they can’t please contact us, to try and make alternative arrangements. We do try and accommodate our clients to keep on getting tutoring from them.

What would it mean if you could increase your employability, success and competitiveness? What if you had more free time available every day? How valuable would it be, if you had the skills to improve your brain fitness and mental flexibility, that would enable you to learn, think and process information easier, faster, obtain better results, reduce your risk for error and increase your brain performance and brain health? The NAP™ Student Performer is your solution! This brain profile assessment is for adult students between the ages 16-24, who are studying further. It is used to measure the neurophysiological elements that impact the ease, speed and flexibility with which you think, learn and process information. This neuroscience innovation measures the drivers that optimize your brain performance and it’s impact on your neurological design. It also offers recommendations and solutions to optimize your neuro-agility. The Student Performer is used word-wide in schools, universities and colleges to help students improve their brain fitness, concentration, memory, study skills and reduce their risk for error, ultimately enabling them to learn easier , accelerate their learning and obtain better results. The NAP™ Student Performer is the most comprehensive, multi-dimensional, non-invasive, brain profile assessment of its kind for students. DO YOU WANT TO UNDERSTAND YOUR AMAZING NEURO-DESIGN AND HOW YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR BRAIN FITNESS FOR IMPROVED LEARNING EASE, SPEED AND RESULTS? The Neuro-Agility Profile™ Student Performer, abbreviated as the NAP™ Student Performer is a brain profile assessment for high school, college or university students ages 16-24, who are still studying further. It provides you with feedback on 13 brain-based elements of neuro-agility that will determine the ease, speed and flexibility with which you learn, think and process information. This assessment measures 7 neuro-physiological elements of your neurological design and 6 drivers that optimize your brain performance. This brain profile is a practical instrument to discover how uniquely you process information, which learning and thinking strengths and preferences you have and also indicates areas you can development further. The NAP™ Student Performer is Neuro-Link’s flagship assessment for students, as it contains all the elements necessary to have an in-depth understanding of your neuro-design (potential) and the factors that impact your brain performance (brain fitness) when studying. You will receive a 29 page report filled with life changing suggestions about how you can improve your performance and develop yourself further, a summary of the 13 neuro-agility elements, an automated debriefing video and a free post evaluation. “You can’t improve what you can’t measure”. If you want to learn easier, faster, smarter and obtain better learning results, doing this assessment is your starting point! Understanding your amazing neurological design (how you prefer learning and thinking) and aligning that to your subject and career choices will help you be a more fulfilled, effective, happy and successful learner. Be smart. Invest in the greatest asset you will ever have – YOUR BRAIN!!!

Study methods
Study Methods We have a detailed study method course that the tutor can tell you more about that will also benefit your child greatly. These courses are done at our offices in Helderkruin on a Friday afternoon. These study methods are highly regarded, and benefit learners greatly. Time and space is limited, please book to avoid disappointment.

The Contract – Tutor
Glossary of Terms: The “Learner” this is the person receiving the tutoring or concession facilitation from the Tutor. The “Client” this is the parent or guardian of the learner The “Tutor” this is the independent person, that is becoming the tutor to the company to render their services to the companies clients. Contract Type The Tutor is contracted independently to provide his/her services to the Company. this agreement shall not be considered as a contract or permanent or temporary employment, the tutor shall not be an employee of the company. The Tutor is free to do any other work of his/her choice, provided there is no conflict of interest. Tutoring for another company is not allowed, due to ill-advised problems that can arise. The Tutor may at no stage provide concessions facilitation privately to any client, acquired through the Company or otherwise, after being trained by the Company. The Tutor confirms that he/she is competent and capable to perform their services from which he/she has been contracted. Details of Service to be Provided The Tutor shall provide academic tutoring to the Learner at regular time intervals or provide concessions facilitation to the Learner on agreed-upon examination dates , and complete associated administrative responsibilities according to specifications set down by the Company. Tutoring should be provided to learners a minimum of once a week per subject to ensure progress. The Tutor shall read and adhere to the rules and regulations of the Company as laid out in the Important Policies for Contractors document. The Tutor shall provide tutoring at the Learner’s place of residence, or at an alternative venue agreed upon by the Tutor, the Client and the Company. The Tutor shall adhere to deadlines required by the Company, the most important being weekly communication to the Company and submitting all documentation needed. Terms of the Agreement The terms of this agreement will apply for an indefinite period from the date that lessons or examinations commence, and will apply to each Learner that the Tutor works with, regardless of the number of lessons provided or examinations provided for. The Company cannot, however, guarantee a minimum income or the availability of ongoing assignments. Termination of Agreement with the Company or with Individual Clients The Tutor is requested if possible, to provide a minimum of 4 weeks’ written notice via email should he/she wish to terminate the agreement with the Company, in the form of a resignation, or with an individual Client, and is required to continue tutoring or facilitating until the end of the notice period. This is to ensure that the Company can source a suitable replacement Tutor for the Client. If for whatever reason 4.1 can not be accommodated, we do ask that the Tutor understands that we work with learners, and we will do everything to assist in getting them placed with a new person. After 1 September, the Tutor will not be able to resign or terminate the agreement with an individual client if tutoring a Learner. The Tutor will be required to fulfill their commitment to their Learner/s until year-end examinations are complete. Should the Tutor need to resign with immediate effect due to medical reasons, a medical certificate will need to be provided within 24 hours. If a medical certificate is not provided, the Company reserves the right to withhold payment due. Breach of Contract The Tutor may at no stage tutor privately for or provide any related services to any Client that was originally acquired by the Company (i.e., receive fees directly from the Client), or for any subsequent referrals made by Clients originally acquired by the Company. Should the Tutor not adhere to this term, the Company will invoice the Tutor for financial losses suffered, to the value of R 7 500, and the Tutor will be held liable for such losses. It is agreed that an invoice prepared and submitted by the Company will suffice as sufficient proof of the loss and indebtedness by the Tutor. Should outstanding debt not be settled within a 20-day period, by the Tutor, after being advised by the Company that a loss will occur, the Company will report the Tutor to and list the outstanding debt with the Credit Bureau. Should the Tutor cause the Company to suffer financial losses, in the form of a loss of a Client, due to the Tutor’s unprofessional behavior contravening the rules and regulations set out in this contract and the Important Policies for Contractors, the Tutor will forfeit any outstanding payments. The Company shall be entitled to terminate the contract immediately at their discretion should the Tutor breach this contract, or in the case of gross misconduct or dishonesty on the part of the Tutor. Breaching the confidentiality clause of this contract (8.1) by divulging information about a Client to unauthorized persons, including but not limited to sending unauthorized persons to lessons in lieu of the Tutor, will be seen as a gross breach of contract resulting in immediate dismissal. Payment The Tutor will be paid a basic rate as stipulated in this document, or an alternative basic rate agreed upon in writing by the Tutor and the Company. Any increases to the Tutor’s basic rate will be confirmed in writing. The Tutor will be remunerated for the duration of tutoring or examinations only, as per the specifications of the Client and the Company. The rate includes allowance for reasonable travel and administrative time as may be required when facilitating an examination. Travel costs are included in the basic rate unless agreed upon by the Company and the Client. Should the Tutor provide tuition on a public holiday, the Tutor will be remunerated at the standard hourly rate. Such payment will be made by EFT not later than the 15th day of the following month, if accurate and timeous documentation of lessons is done weekly and the final monthly submission by the 1st of every new month. The Company reserves the right to withhold payment if the Tutor does not comply with the Company’s standards or rules and regulations, as stipulated in both the Memorandum of Agreement and the Important Policies for Tutors. The Company is not required to deduct UIF, PAYE or SITE from the Tutor’s payment. The Tutor is responsible to register as a taxpayer and declare his/her income and submit their personal income tax with SARS. The Company will not provide a monthly payslip to the Tutor but will provide a payment breakdown on request of the Tutor. The Tutor should maintain his/her own record of payment due, and payment received. Liability & Indemnity The Company shall not be liable for any claim or action for damages that the Tutor might suffer to his/her person or property while providing services to the Company or the Client. This includes all damages that the Tutor might suffer to his/her person or property. Confidentiality & Processing of Personal Information The Tutor shall not disclose company information to any unauthorized persons or bodies including Client or Learner information, rates of pay, and any of the operations, processes or methodology utilized by the Company. The Tutor will take all reasonable measures to protect the personal information provided by the Company about Clients, including their names, addresses, contact details and Learner information. Personal information provided by the Tutor in their online profile will be accessible by Company employees and will be processed to make decisions about Client placements. The Tutor consents to this processing of their personal information, including the Tutor’s name, contact details, address, academic history, employment history, medical history, and criminal record. This information will be always stored securely, and Company employees will not divulge this personal information to any Third Parties, other than to inform a Client of the Tutor’s suitability for a placement. The Tutor’s banking details will be used by Company employees to make payment for services rendered and will be always stored securely. The Tutor gives the Company permission to utilize the image provided, as well as a basic tutor profile (not personal contact information or surnames), on the EduVision website. General The Tutor may be required to complete certain training activities during his/her tenure as a tutor. If the agreement is terminated, the Tutor will be restricted from utilizing any material, systems or documentation designed and utilized by the Company, as per South African Copyright laws. The Tutor will be restricted from establishing a similar organization while the agreement is in place, and for 3 years from the date of termination of the agreement. The Tutor declares that s/he has never been convicted of a schedule one criminal offence as contained in the Criminal Procedure Act No. 51/77, such offences being theft, fraud, assault, rape, arson, etc. The Tutor declares that s/he has never been convicted of a sexual offence against a child or a mentally disabled person, as contained in Section 46(1), (2) and (3) of the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences and Related Matters) Amendment Act, 32 of 2007. The Company reserves the right to change or add to any of its rules at any time at its discretion, subject to reasonable notice to the Tutor. TUTOR CODE I agree to adhere to the conditions set out above, as well as to the following ethical conduct: I will not be dishonest in reporting hours tutored, or distance travelled, and will document all information as accurately as possible. I will put in the additional time necessary to read up on work that is not familiar before the start of my lessons and will commit to improving my knowledge of the current curriculum and content covered at school level. I will not behave in an ethically or morally inappropriate way towards my learner and his/her parents. I will do my best to continuously improve my tutoring abilities, attitude, and knowledge to provide the best standard of tuition to my clients. I will not distribute resources and documents acquired by EduVision to other people not affiliated with EduVision, and I will not disclose information regarding my payment rates to Clients or other tutoring companies. I will communicate effectively and professionally with EduVision management and will adhere to all procedures as far as possible. The Tutor confirms that s/he has entered into this agreement voluntarily, understands the contents thereof, and has read and accepts the terms within the Important Policies for Contractors document.

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