Changing one person at a time, to become the best you can be.

Let us bring a powerful message to your team

Speaking to your parents is very important to ensure you all on the same page.

Bringing the message of Teamwork for 2023 to your teachers, learners, and parents.  This would be a very powerful message of being part of the village.  “it takes a village to raise a child”.

You can also invite us to come and talk at your Parents Information Meeting to talk about our services of Study Methods, Neurological Tests, Tutoring and Concession.

Make us part of your plans and we will plan to be there for you.

Corporate SME or Medium size groups of Sales people can benefit our Training Development to have Self-Knowledge.

After our training, you will never be lazy again, we will unleash your super brain power, to assist you becoming the best YOU.

There is no magic pill to Success in Sales.

These are the areas we conquer:

  • Attitude
  • Mindset
  • Value
  • Levels of change
  • Your believes (5 W)
  • Blair Singer – Sales Dogs which one are you?
  • Teamwork and the value
  • Your manager
  • Routine

All these are but a few areas that we go into.



Our promise after training:

  • Team with priorities.
  • Sales targets that are met.
  • Positive mindsets.
  • Brain that is trained.
  • Patience that is learned.
  • Taking accountability.
  • Outdo your expectations.
  • Find the passion.
  • Teach the dog.
  • Learn to play catch.
  • Understand sales methodology.
  • Become a team with excellence.
  • Drive a team to become excellent.
  • Self-knowledge
  • Self-love
  • Self-care
  • Self-image
  • The best team .