Getting real with Adéle

Why choose me?

Adéle is Brain Profiling practitioner with Neurolink.  She teaches and encourages people to become the best versions of who they want to be.

If you are looking for a Motivational Speaker that keeps life real and know what it is that will encourage your staff, your team, or just your teachers. Stop here.

Some interesting facts about her Motivational speaking seminars Topics that keeps it real:

Understand who you are!

Never settle for being your friend, as that job is taken.

Create a new you, with each new chapter.

Why are you in this job? Do you want to be here?

How your parents and your teachers influenced you to become who you are today, positive and negative.

Why is your boss like that?  Why do you think you can do the job better?

Sometimes, people are just idiots and you do not have to be part of their team.

These are but a few Get real words.

Book a motivational session with Adéle and remember being real humour.