EduVision Suite

Attention all principals, governing body and teachers.

What does the EduVision Suite​ specially formulated for primary schools entail?
EduVision Suite​ is the most comprehensive Afrikaans software product in South Africa that accommodates from preschoolers to grade 7. The program series takes place in a fun-filled climate with an educational approach.

Each play and learning program enables the learner to deliver his personal best which in turn poses challenges to complete the exercises while the learner approaches the game positively and really enjoys it.

This software is suitable for all mainstream learners who are in the process of developing and applying their fundamental learning skills as well as increasing their concentration levels. EduVision Suite​ is also ideal for the use of remediation in learners with learning and reading difficulties or who are not numerate.

It is the most comprehensive educational software product in South Africa and caters for pre-school learners up to Grade 7 learners. Extremely suitable for children between 3 and 13 years old.

The EduVision Suite​ is extremely effective from foundation phase to senior primary phase with:

  • Mathematics
  • Read
  • Spelling
  • Measuring tables
  • Creativity
  • Memory
  • Thoughts
  • Troubleshooting
  • Concentration

All 20 of the EduVision Suite modules are available in Afrikaans and English.


  • 200+ learning skills development areas from pre-school – Gr 7
  • Thousands of exercises in a game-like environment
  • Huge database of content with randomized questions
  • Self-assessment and immediate results
  • Positive feedback and instructional sound tracks
  • Adaptable learning system increase/decrease the difficulty level
  • Fun to learn with vibrant graphics and creative exercises
  • Parents or teachers can monitor the progress of the learner
  • All games, and all activities are bilingual (Afrikaans & English)
  • One installation and one registration unlocks all programs
  • Consolidated menu and uncluttered desktop
  • Designed to be kids-friendly and logical
  • Ideal for schools and home users
  • Database can support up to 1000 learners per program