Keeping up with technology: Our Tablet lessons are there to assist young minds with technology today. 

EduVision teaches Activities focus on stimulating the following skills on Tablets:

  • How to take care of a tablet
  • How to use your tablet
  • What  is andriod and what is windows
  • Creativity
  • Reading
  • Maths (basic counting and number association)
  • Memory
  • Vocabulary
  • Thinking

What are the benefits of teaching on tablets?

Studies shows that leaning on tablets can have several benefits for students in terms of improving:

  • Motivation                               
  • Searching for information
  • Collaboration
  • Developing IT Skills
  • Creating a more individual approach to learning
  • Flexibility in terms of space and time
  • Creativity

Adele Bronkhorst the founder and Director of Eduvision, has a vision to enable each and every learner out there with the best tools to ensure educational excellence. Adele Bronkhorst also has a Diploma in Child Counselling through Blackford Centre, and a NAP practitioner.

The advantage of tablets, it’s quick and easy to setup and use.  It has a positive impact on learners in several discipline ways.  It offers a different approach to knowledge and access to a wealth of resources.

Being in information technology for over 25 years, Adele has seen many technologies come and go. Started her career in Lotus Notes (this is how old she is) (wordperfect 1,2,3,) most of you have never heard. 

Children nowadays are far surpassing our era with how straightforward it is for them to know technologies, and consequently will probably be able to determine any tablet you get them on.  This can be particularly true because of children’s amazing capability to explore.

How we conduct our classes.

  • We visit your school once a week for your tablet class
  • If the school is Afrikaans, we will facilitate the class in Afrikaans, if English the like.
  • Tablet classes would be for ages 2 years and older.
  • Tablet classes would be 30 minutes.
  • We make it fun, and ensure the learner enjoys the time on their device.
  • We have an end of year certificate for attendance.

Make Tablet Training part of your curriculum, by contacting us.