Tutoring and our Tutors

1.  Who to start?

Before we start with tutoring, we enjoy meeting our clients, even if it’s just online, or phone call.

We understand that technology has made things easier and faster by using WhatsApp, or email. 

We will send you an email with all the information we need to start the process of getting the information added to our platform.

In this information mail, we will ask what the learner is currently having challenges  you will have the time to have a look at our different tutor packages, and send through your final requirements.

We’ll connect you with one of our fantastic consultants!

2.  Now what happens?

One of our learning consultants will give you a call, and discuss the package you choose, as well as discuss your needs.  We will discuss the tutor’s we have and then allocate a tutor to your needs.

Now everything is finalised and you ready to get started with our tutor program.

3.  The last step!

Your Tutor will give you a call, to discuss time and dates for your first tutor lesson.  She/he will verify your Curriculum, grade, subject, area and then setup a time to meet the learner for the first time.

At this meeting you will be given a goals sheet to complete and the tutor will go over the work to be done.