About Us

Eduvision was born out of the love for Education, children, parents, teachers and then the main driving force the brain and behavior. Featherbrook Computers has been Eduvisions, repairs, support and supply chain for many years. Customers that know us, know that we always deliver to the full customer expectation nothing less.

Adele Bronkhorst the founder of Eduvision is a qualified Brain Profile practitioner for Neurolink, understanding, learning , the brain and people preferences. She has made it her goal to assist learners over the past years.

…what she did during COVID 19:

She opened all her books that she wrote to parents for free, to use, to download, to distribute and to learn from. Grade 1 and 2 learners, had full access to all her hard work for Free. If you love people, education and just the world around you, you need to give with a hand that does not expect anything back.

…… what do we offer you?

Eduvision currenty has school ready products to assist parents, learners and teachers not to be left behind. During the pandemic it became evident that we need to be more ready, more equipt and more available for change. We as a nation needs to become change fit.

………how do we assist with learning?

If you close to us, we can assist with one-on-one learning skills. Adele also does Zoom meetings, to discuss study methods, the brain.